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Dons Chai Masala - 100g

Our take on the famous Indian-spiced tea beverage Masala Chai, this blend is a fusion marrying premium Ceylon Black tea with the generous addition of Ceylon Cinnamon, Cardamom,  Cloves, Ginger and Pepper

Rs. 560.00

Dons Cinnamon Tea - 100g

Don’s Cinnamon tea marries two ingredients Sri Lanka is known the world over for – premium Ceylon Tea and fine Ceylon Cinnamon. This heavenly combination will have you savoring the sweet and woody hints of Cinnamon whilst sipping on superior quality Black Tea.

Rs. 475.00

Dons Ginger Tea - 100g

Traditionally ginger tea was used by herbalists as a medicinal beverage. Over the years the combination of fine Ceylon Tea with ginger has become a go-to drink in every household. Enjoy this refreshing and warming ginger-spiced beverage during any time of the day

Rs. 475.00

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