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Explore a World of Tea with Don's Ceylon Tea

Don’s Ceylon Tea, our flagship brand, is on a mission to share the globally celebrated premium Ceylon tea with enthusiasts worldwide. From the vibrant local markets to tea lovers around the globe, we offer an extensive selection of flavors and blends to suit all tastes. Whether you crave the classic essence of Sri Lankan tea crafted from top-class black tea leaves or opt for the health-conscious choice of our green teas, Don’s Tea has something for everyone. Discover your perfect cup today.



The flagship brand under the company, Don’s Ceylon Tea takes the world-renowned premium Ceylon tea to local markets and customers around the world. With a range of flavours and blends to choose from, Don’s Tea offers a choice of tea for anyone – whether you want to sip on a quintessential cup of Sri Lankan tea made using top-class black tea or are health-conscious and prefer green teas to suit your diet.



Our products are a reflection of our passion for tea and our dedication to offering a diverse and high-quality tea experience for all our customers, no matter where they are in the world. Whether you’re a tea connoisseur or just beginning your tea journey, Don’s Ceylon Tea has the perfect cup of tea waiting for you.


We are a family organization built with the traditions and customs inherited from the generations before us. Our legacy can be traced back to the 1950’s where Don Andrew started his career as a baker turned entreprenuer by opening a number of bakeries in the suburbs of Colombo, Sri Lanka. His vision was simple – to provide his customers with the finest, delectable and high quality bakery items and short eats. However, not long after, he gained the title of master baker gaining a loyal customer base.

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“At the core of TeaTaze’s success are two key figures: Ranith and Devinda. Both natives of the verdant isle of Sri Lanka, their deep-rooted understanding of the tea industry has been a beacon for our brand. Sri Lanka, renowned for its centuries-old tea legacy, has been an epicenter of tea cultivation and commerce. With Ranith and Devinda’s expertise, we’ve been able to tap into this rich history, propelling our international sales and deepening our knowledge manifold. Their insights, especially into the Sri Lankan tea sector, have been pivotal. Their contributions have not only amplified our global reach but have also helped us weave the authentic stories and flavors of Sri Lankan tea into the very fabric of TeaTaze.”

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